Top Eleven Reasons To Take Guitar, Bass, or  Ukulele Lessons Using SKYPE From MCCOY MUSIC LLC

11.  John McCoy has 35+ years of teaching experience.  Tired of trying to teach yourself, (or seeing a family member floundering), or just want to learn music in a logical rapid manner?  Then try McCoy Music LLC.  We have taught thousands of students and helped them achieve their goals with music. (See page Tab, "STUDENTS:  Current and Past videos")


10.  McCoy Music LLC has been doing Skype lessons since 2010, and the level of caring customer service is second to none!


9.  No more traveling to/from your music lessons!  No dealing with road rage, traffic, or poor weather conditions.  (Certainly saves time and energy/gas money.)


8.  All sheet music and tabs are instantly sent to you as PDF files through Skype or your E-mail.


7.  All songs are recorded as MP3 audio files and sent to you as reference recordings to help you through your practice week.


6.  With screen sharing and our digital pen we can annotate your sheet music/tabs in real time with fingerings, diagrams, and helpful hints.  Also, custom charts, exercises, or theory assignments can be created as you watch and then sent to you instantly.


5.  If you are jamming/improvising to a supplied Jam Track; you'll make much more progress jamming to it daily instead of only doing so once a week in class. By playing the jam track on your computers media player and jamming to it live in class it allows John to see your progress and make comments.


4.  We teach advanced theory, composition, ear training, and arranging.


3.  John teaches those interested how to use FREE and inexpensive software pertaining to guitar transcription, multi-track recording, and music notation.


2.  Chances are that the best music teacher for you is not within a 30 minute drive (One Way).  Location is no longer an issue in our high-tech world.  We teach from Delta Colorado, all across the United States, Kuopio Findland, Rome Italy, and even Paris France.  Contact McCoy Music LLC today!


1.  (The above 10 reasons were the orginal top 10 reasons to take lessons from McCoy Music LLC.)  Now the world has thrown us the coronavirus (COVID-19) which makes us think about gatherings or even shaking hands.  This is a great time to be safe and healthy in our decision to reduce the spread of this virus.  McCoy Music LLC is not new to Skype/Zoom lessons with 10 years plus experience doing so.  In fact we have it down to an art with making Live Online Guitar Lessons effective and enjoyable.  

McCoy's Music Skype Sound System for Guitar Lessons
(click the icon to hear the sound system we use for guitar lessons)
Skype Broadcasting Sound System.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.3 MB]

Are there any Disadvantages of the Webcam Lesson Format?

  1. The one shortcoming of live video lessons is when the teacher and student want to do a duet.  A tenth of a second delay in transmission of the audio is not noticeable except when playing live duets where it does throw off timing just a bit.  Is there any way to work around this?  YES!  The answer to this question actually is one of the major strengths of the video webcam format.  McCoy Music LLC can send you an audio file instantly of our (teacher) part of the duet or jam track that you are working on.  You, as the student, can simply play the supplied audio file on your computer's media player, therefore we can hear both the recording and your part live and give our undivided attention to the performance of your part.  The additional benefit is that you, (the student), can practice all week long with the audio file which is much better than just playing duets only one day a week during the lesson.