Get 2 FREE GUITAR LESSONS ! ! !  (3 Different Ways)

(Choose one of the following 3 ways to receive your 2 FREE Lessons)

New Students to McCoy Music LLC taking Skype or Zoom lessons simply purchase 2 Lessons and Get 2 FREE Guitar Lessons as our thank you for trying our online live video lessons.  What a great way to try McCoy Music LLC guitar lessons to improve your skills (all styles), theory knowledge, composition, improvisation and overall enjoyment.  You will be amazed at your progress just the 1st Month!

(Offer not valid with lessons through Vision Charter Academy)

Get 2 FREE GUITAR LESSONS for Current Students of McCoy Music LLC When You Refer Someone New to Us !

A large percentage of our students are referrals from other students.  In appreciation for your referrals we will give you 2 FREE Guitar Lessons when you refer someone that has not taken lessons in the past from McCoy Music LLC and they fulfill their initial buy 2 and get 2 FREE initial offer!  New Student must mention your name when signing up for offer to be valid.  There is no limit to free lessons for referrals as long as we have open time slots to fill.  Thank you for your support!   

(Offer does not apply with lessons through Vision Charter Academy)

How to Get 2 More FREE GUITAR LESSONS !!!

Current Students Can Purchase 2 Skype or Zoom Guitar Lessons as a Gift to a New Student to McCoy Music LLC, and Keep the 2 FREE Guitar Lessons for Yourself, or pass on the 2 FREE lessons to the new student!

(Offer does not apply with lessons through Vision Charter Academy)