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Rock - Classical - Blues - Flamenco - Country - Jazz - Celtic - Christian - Folk - Music Theory - Compostion - Ear Training

John has been teaching all styles and levels of guitar for 35+ years.  Since 2010 he has been teaching Skype Webcam Guitar Lessons and teaches locally in Delta CO. with an average of 55 students per week.  Feeling equally at home playing finger style or flat pick style John teaches Classical, Rock, Flamenco, Country, Blues, Celtic, and Jazz.  John also teaches theory, composition, and ear training.  Arranging chord and melody guitar solos is another service that John offers.  He can teach you the art of doing the same if you desire to arrange chord/melody.  For special projects where you are interested in playing a song but you can not find suitable or accurate tabs, John has the ability to transcribe a song into tab for you.  John loves teaching students of all levels age 6+.  (See tab on left:  John McCoy’s Teaching & Performing Resume)

If you have an interest in guitar lessons of any style, please check out our McCoy Music LLC website to see what services are offered.  Just give me a call or e-mail and I will get back with you promptly to answer any questions that you have and to set up a time that is convenient for your guitar lessons.


Thank you and musically yours,


John McCoy




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Listen to the McCoy's Playing Various Styles

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"B Aeolian" Jam Track
(from "John McCoy's Magic Modes for Guitar" Book with CD)
B Aeolian.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.5 MB]
"Flamenco Fever" by Candace McCoy
(from our "Diversity" Album)
Flamenco Fever Candace John McCoy guita[...]
MP3 audio file [3.8 MB]
"Rock Hard" by John McCoy
(from our "Kaleidoscope" Album)
Rock Hard by John McCoy McCoy's Music we[...]
MP3 audio file [2.8 MB]
"Lover's Serenade" by John McCoy
from our "Diversity" Album
Lovers Serenade by McCoy's Music Webcam [...]
MP3 audio file [3.0 MB]
"Gallic Lullaby" traditional Spanish/Celtic
(from our "Kaleidoscope" Album)
Gallic Lullably john candace mccoy guit[...]
MP3 audio file [2.8 MB]
"Moorish Dancer" by John McCoy
(from "John McCoy's Magic Modes for Guitar" Book with CD)
Moorish Dancer by John McCoy.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.4 MB]
"Following You" by John McCoy
(Original Christian Song with my Vocals)
10 Following You.mp3
MP3 audio file [10.4 MB]

These songs were performed by John and Candace McCoy and are original compositions except for Gallic Lullaby which was arranged by McCoy's Music.  (All songs Copyrighted and all rights reserved)

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John and Candace McCoy dedicate all of their music to God who created the beautiful spiritual language called music.  Also, to Jubal, who God bestowed with knowledge of music, (see Gen 4:21), and is considered to be the father of all who play harp and flute.  We also dedicate our music to our families, students, and friends that share our love of the diverse universal music languages.  (See Psalm 150, and Ephesians 5:19)