Our Favorite Links

Starr's Guitars: (full service music store in Cedaredge CO.)  Best store in region!!!:  http://www.starrsguitars.com/


Skype:  https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/  Download the program for your live two way video lessons form McCoy Music LLC.  It's like being in the same room for your lesson without the commute!  (see our Contact Page for our Skype Contact info)


Free Chromatic Tuner and Metronomehttps://theonlinemetronome.com/free-online-tuner-for-musicians.html 


Tenorio Werxhttp://www.tenoriowerx.com/  The best guitar repair in Denver metro area by Mark and Erin Tenorio.  Also amazing classical and flamenco guitar builders.


Tabledithttp://www.tabledit.com/ (tablature creation software that we use to create tab files.  A free viewer is available and a low cost full version is what we use.  The free viewer will play as a sound MIDI file which can be helpful for timing, etc...


Ultimate Guitar Tabshttp://www.ultimate-guitar.com/  A good site for guitar tabs.


Chordbot:  A music creation software program for Android phones and iPhone.  There is a FREE version but the one time $5 fee is well worth it to get the full featured version.  Simply type in the chords for your song, pick a style, pick the instruments you want for the song, and finally mix the volumes as you like.  Great for jamming or composing your own songs.  You can email your completed song to others!


Power Tabs (Download)http://download.cnet.com/3001-2133_4-10502034.html?spi=c6fe007d1d3095b44e291422b80b02ce  A well known tablauture editor.  You can find lots of songs in tablature form just by going to your favorite seach engine and just type in "Song Title, Power Tab".  Follow links to download tabs.  Quality control of what's posted on the Internet in non existent, so if in doubt about whether a tab is decent or not; just download several versions of the same song so you can pick and choose between the best transcriptions available.


Colorado Acoustic Musichttp://coloradoacousticmusic.com/  A great resourse for information in the Denver/Metro area on music stores, open mic performing, reviews, lessons, instruments for sale, and much more!


Free Online Stop Watch and Count Down Timerhttp://www.online-stopwatch.com/large-stopwatch/  This is the stop watch I've been using to do speed tests--Works Great!  It also has a count down timer that's great for timing your practice sessions, etc...


AUDACITY (a FREE audio program for multi-track recording and conversion of mp3 files to Wave files and vice versus)http://audacity.sourceforge.net/  A great tool for working with audio files, microscope editing, etc...


MUSESCOREhttp://musescore.org/  A very full featured and FREE music notation software program for Windows/Mac.  Great for printing out your own arrangements and hearing your own compositions.  Supports midi import/export and works as a midi editor.  You can use your computer's own general midi sounds module or go to this link:  http://www.schristiancollins.com/generaluser.php  to download MuseScore version 1.44 which allows MuseScore to use GeneralUser GS, a softsynth that sounds better than 99% of hardware based midi sound.

VLC Media Player:  This free download programs plays video files of just about all known video file codecs. 

Click on this link:  http://vlc-media-player.en.softonic.com/download to download the VLC Media Player for Windows or keep scrolling further down the page to find Mac, Android, and Pocket PC versions of the program.

MPlayerX (for Mac Computers) http://mplayerx.org/download.html

This is a great media player for Mac Computers that allows you to play a mp3 song file at a slower speed without changing it's pitch which is great for the learning process.  (Note:  The Windows media player has this same great function.)

Music Flash Cards:  A fantastic app that has Flash Cards for note reading, fret board recognition, and more...  http://www.musicards.net/