Back in about 1993 Jeff came in to me for guitar lessons with his red electric guitar wanting to learn "Megadeth" and "Metallica".  Jeff was very patient learning all of the fundamentals.  Very quickly he learned everything he needed to know to accomplish his original goals. At the end of each lesson I always grabbed my classical guitar and played some Tarrega, Sor, or as such and after a year or so it rubbed off enough for him to request a classical guitar from his parents.  Jeff dedicatied himself to classical guitar with hours of practice each day; year after year.  He played guitar for our wedding, (Candace and I).  Jeff kept studying with me through at least his first year of college.  He also helped proofread my method book.  Jeff is now a guitar professor at MSU Denver and has his own teaching studio 


Check out audio of Jeff playing


Here is Jeff's Website:



Andrew took lessons from me starting around year 2000, for a couple of years.  It was quite clear from the beginning that he was very talented and was very interested in technique and music theory from a very early point.  Andrew learned how to play various styles very quickly and was playing in his church band within a few months.  He is also a very accomplished drummer, bassist, and plays keyboards.  After studying with me he went to Musicians Institute and got an AA from their G.I.T. program.  Andrew also has a state of the art professional recording studio and produces his own records along with doing so for many other artists.  Check out the song below where Andrew plays all parts and instruments including being the composer.




Jen G:

Here is Jen G's YouTube Channel:

Jen has been taking lessons with me for almost a year and made fantastic progress with finger style guitar.  Her dexterity and bar chords have really improved this year.  She has taken lessons on and off over the last six years with five previous teachers.  Jen's videos provide inspiration with beautiful music and playing.

Tyler Fast (YouTube Videos) {age 15}

Tyler Fast studied 2 years with Candace McCoy, and now 3 more years with John McCoy.  He is a very versatile guitarist that plays rock, jazz, classical, and has a great understanding of music theory, music reading, and scale improvising already at a relatively young age.






SRV Scuttle Buttin' (cover)     

Jazz Guitar A Dorian 

Tears in Heaven (cover)

Spanish Fly (cover)   

JOSHUA SCHWISOW:  Josh is a very talented guitarist and was a student of mine for years playing a variety of styles.  Josh just graduated from seminary school and uses guitar in a variety of ways in his vocation(s) including teaching guitar.  Here is a video of Josh playing.


Lagrima by Franciso Tarraga:

DAVE VARI Dave has studied with Candace McCoy for several years and with me (John) for the last six years or so.  Dave plays a variety of music and styles including electric guitar blues and rock along with playing finger style on the classical nylon string guitar.  This selection is Bouree in Em by J. S. Bach.  This is a very technical piece and very beautiful to listen to.  Dave does a great job playing and interpreting this song.

Bach Bouree in Em
Dave Vari
MP3 audio file [1.3 MB]