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John & Candace McCoy: "DIVERSITY" (CD Album or MP3"s)

photo by Ron Shipman

An Eclectic Mix of Songs on the CD:


Hurting but Hoping (classical/new age guitar and flute duet)

Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring by J. S. Bach (Christian classical guitar solo)


Invention #13 by J. S. Bach (classical guitar and flute duet)


Lover's Serendade (classical guitar and flute duet)


Malaguena (traditional Flamenco guitar and flute duet)


Traditional Irish Medley ("Down by the Sally Gardens, Cockles and Mussels, Believe Me if all those Enduring Young Charms"--guitar and flute duet)


Tarantes (traditional Flamenco guitar solo)


Danny Boy (traditional Celtic guitar, flute, and recorder arrangement)


Feelings Your Love Inspires (rock arrangement)


European Echoes by Brad Davis (rock arrangement)


Basically Nuts (rock arrangement)


Desert Oasis (new age/rock)


Desert Storm (rock arrangement)

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(13 songs)


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John & Candace McCoy: "KALEIDOSCOPE" (CD or MP3's)

photography by McCoy's Music

An Eclectic Mix of Songs on this CD:


Flamenco Fever (flamenco jam written by Candace and dedicated to John--Candace on rhythm guitar and John improvising leads)


JM Nuevo Bulerias (modern flamenco with John on rhythm and lead guitar/Candace on bass)


Rock Hard (rock)


Gallic Lullaby (traditional Spanish/Celtic arrangement by McCoy's Music)


Salterello (Celtic style song by Vincenzo Galilei/arrangement by McCoy's Music)


Greensleeves (traditional Celtic arrangement by McCoy's Music)


Mr. Hummingbird (new age/Celtic blend inspired by the hummingbirds feeding at her parents home)


Celtic Mist (Celtic style guitar duet--written by John dedicatied to Candace)


Preludio (OP. 5 No. 1) by Agustin Barrios (an OLD recording of John that he made at age 17)


Following (Christian rock song composed by John on a beutiful beach stating his beliefs and appreciation for God and Jesus Christ, our savior)


Eternity (new age style song that John composed. He had fun playing playing guitar, recorder, piano, bass, guitar synth, and drums.  The song was inspired by the thought of spending Eternity in Heaven with God, Jesus, and all of the believers of the ages)

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(11 songs)


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John McCoy's Magic Modes for Guitar (MP3 Songs Only)


FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Click on the link below to download the 14 songs in John McCoy's Magic Modes Book Project.  John McCoy's lead guitar playing is included in these recordings.  Purchase the book to learn what leads are used for improvising on these songs and play along (rhythm guitar chords) with the supplied song charts.  The book's purpose is to show the relationship between the song's chord structure and the leads played over it.  The theory section and the program notes get you inside the composer's mind so that you truly understand music and compostion: