ALIKI CHRYSOCHOU:  An up and coming (classical crossover) singer that made quite the impact on Britain's Got Talent.  Click on this link to see her inspirational story and her audition singing Wake Me Up for BGT:


Click here to see her semifinal beautiful rendition of Come What May

Agustín Barrios Mangoré, May 5, 1885 – August 7, 1944 (from Paraguay)

One of the best ever classical guitarists, and wrote over 300 amazing songs for guitar.  He was one of the first classical guitarists ever to do audio recordings starting in 1909.  Barrios hated gut strings as they had terrible intonation and would scarcely last a day, so he played classical technique on steel strings!  The following link is actually Barrios playing his most famous song La Catedral:

CHET ATKINS, 1924-2001:  Chet was my first guitar hero at age eight and is still my hero!  Famous first from his country guitar playing, (the Nashville sound), he branched out over the years mastering classical and jazz.  He was one of the best arrangers for guitar solo ever and played on well over 100 albums.  He was also a producer and worked with Dolly Parton, Perry Como, Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers, Jerry Reid, Waylon Jennings, and countless others.  Chet designed/built some of his own effects such as different reverbs, echos, distortion, and wah pedals.  This first video link will give you an idea of his versatility; Chet Atkins and Friends 1987


Chet Atkins plays Dizzy Fingers

JEFF LYNNE (Electric Light Orchestra):  (He is a GENIUS!!!)

Jeff is my favorite Rock composer, musician, producer of all time!  Besides writing some of the most beautiful music ever, he sings lead, backing vocals, plays guitar, piano, bass, drums, cello, and much more.  Then he records and produces his albums plus has produced George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, John Lennon, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, The traveling Wilbury's, Joe Walsh, and countless others.  There are plenty of links of great videos on YouTube by searching ELO or Jeff Lynne.


If you like classical orchestra and rock music intermingled then listen to Jeff Lynne's 1977 entire CONCERTO FOR A RAINNY DAY


Two of my favorite guitar performers of all time and playing together!  Mindblowing!!!  Julian Bream not only plays guitar but also the lute and baroque guitar as is considered amongst the best of all time in each instrument.  John Williams also one of the best ever has recorded a huge amount of guitar repertoire.  Click on this link to hear them playing Spanish Dance No. 1, by Manuel de Falla:    

Quote by Frederic Chopin

"Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, save perhaps two."

ROY ORBISON:  Roy had one of the best rock voices of all time.  He had a three octave vocal range and he never looked like he had to put out any effort to acheive his amazing vocals.  This first link is to his classic song Only The Lonely


 Running Scared


 You Got It (co-written with Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty):

RENE HEREDIA:  Rene was one of my several great teachers.  He is part of a famous Spanish Gypsy family of guitarists and dancers.  He was a student of Sabicas (see below) and Ramon Montoya.  Ramon Montoya also taught Sabicas and was the uncle of Carlos Montoya which is another famous flamenco guitarist.  Here is a quote from Sabicas about Rene, “René Heredia is the most sensational young flamenco guitarist in the United States.”  At age 19 Rene became Carmen Amaya's guitarist.  She was her generations greatest dancer.  This first YouTube video is of Rene's composition ALBORADA GITANA written for flamenco guitar and orchestra:


Click here for a link to BULERIAS

SABICAS:  One of the best if not the best flamenco guitarist ever.  He was my teachers teacher, (Rene Heredia).  To save space here click on the Wikipedia info on Sabicas:


Click here for a YouTube video of Sabicas playing Bulerias:


Click here for a Collection of 30 more songs performed by Sabicas

STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN:  Legendary blues guitarist that died so young in a helicopter crash at age 35.  He was definitely my favorite blues guitarist.  He had amazing chops, so much emotion, and phrases flowed out of him like Niagara Falls.  This first YouTube video is the song TEXAS FLOOD from his 1983 Austin City Limits concert showcasing his astounding talent:


Click on this link to see a 44 minute VH1 Special on his Life Story

VITAS:  Vitas is from Russia and is well known there and in China.  He sings in 5 octaves from high baritone to notes higher that sopranos!  Besides singing he is an actor, dancer, pianist, composer, clothes and set designer.  

This first song is "Dedication":


Opera #2 (with English sub-titles):


The Star (with English sub-titles):

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN:  People are quit divided on whether they like Yngwie or not.  I do!  If you have not noticed by now, I have quite an eclectic taste in music.  Talent, technique, good melody, and composition come through and shine for me in any style of music.  Malmsteen loves classical music which is quite evident in his compositions.  He was quite the innovator of this style of music called Neo Classical Heavy Metal.  This first video link is FAR BEYOND THE SUN




A concert with Yngwie playing Far Beyond the Sun with the NEW JAPAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: