Delta Vision Charter Academy Guitar and Bass Lessons

Delta Vision Charter Academy is a wonderful progressive Public School that allows students in Delta and Delta County (Colorado) to study guitar with McCoy Music LLC at our Delta Studio, or to take lessons at the students home via Skype/Internet and receive school credit for lessons.


John teaches all levels of guitar, (35+ years of teaching full time including group lessons at Bill Heddles Rec Center), including classical, rock, flamenco, blues, country, jazz, Celtic, and more.  After learning the basics you can specialize in any combination of the following: 


-learn all styles of guitar and bass

-playing finger style or with a pick


-music theory


-ear training


John teaches Monday through Friday at McCoy Music LLC Studio conveniently located in Delta (ages 6+), and John also teaches via Skype Webcam lessons which has many benefits such as no driving , time savings, and sending sheet music and recordings instantly.


You can also contact Delta Vision Charter Academy School for additional information at 970-874-8226.


Contact John McCoy

Phone:  720-339-0707



MESA VALLEY VISION (Grand Junction Colorado Area)

I teach through Mesa Valley Vision, (, which also gives school funding and school credit for taking guitar lessons with McCoy's Music.  We are available for local guitar lessons here in Delta Colorado and of course Skype Webcam Lessons are available to anyone with a High Speed Internet connection.  About 75% of my students take Skype Guitar Lessons.

Are You Interested in Homeschool Guitar or Bass Lessons Anywhere in the United States?

Just check with your affiliated Homeschool about doing lessons through McCoy Music LLC Skype Webcam Guitar and Bass Lessons.  Homeschools are looking for professional qualified teachers that have passed FBI background checks and have done the required fingerprinting like me.  Most homeschool students have high speed Internet connections and McCoy Music LLC is set up perfectly for online live teaching.  Let me know if I can help out with lessons in your particular situation?




John McCoy