Contact McCoy Music LLC:

John and Candace McCoy (McCoy Music LLC)



John McCoy



John's SKYPE user name is 720-339-0705

John's ZOOM user name is:





Download Link for Skype:


Please type in my contact name "720-339-0705" in your Skype "people, groups and messages" window.  You'll see my "McCoy Music LLC" logo along with the location "Delta Colorado, USA.  After choosing my contact just click on "Send an Invitation to Connect" and I'll see your contact info come through the next time I am on Skype.  Please type your first and last name in the Skype text box and send this with you invitation or else I will not know who this invitation is coming from I will always call you when starting your lesson as I have to close out of the lesson before you.  Thanks!

ZOOM Video Lessons:

Make sure to download Zoom for you computer: 

For Android, iPhone, and iPad devices:  Go to your play store and download the Zoom app.  Once ZOOM is downloaded use the e-mail address that you want to associate as your screen name and choose a password that you can remember and use when signing into ZOOM for each session/call.  Notify me ahead of time what email address you'll be using so that I can send you an email with the invitation to connect on Zoom.  Click on the link in your invitation and accept.  When it comes to lesson time just have ZOOM up and running and I'll call you.  (Don't call me as I have to finish a lesson before yours.)  When you answer make sure your audio and video are turned on.

Please specify YOUR TIME ZONE in your message when letting us know what days and times work for your schedule.  McCoy Music LLC is located in the Mountain Time Zone in Delta Colorado.  Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions?  Please either call us by phone or write a quick e-mail, (SEE LINKS ABOVE), and we'll get back with you promptly.  Please do not try to reach us on Skype as we are teaching when we are on Skype.  Thanks!